The Halloween Tree

Like many, Fall is my favorite season.  The smells, the leaves, the crisp, cooler air after a muggy summer.  Apples, pumpkins, campfire, get the idea.

I chose The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury as the inspiration for the Halloween/Fall collection.  One, because I LOVE Ray Bradbury and Two, the story takes you so many places learning about the history of Halloween.  Oh and ALL the smells.  It was the perfect choice.  Let's follow Mr. Moundshroud on a fantastical journey!

We start with Valley of the Kings, my tribute to ancient Egypt, where their "Halloween" is known a the Feast of Pots.  This scent gives you aromatic spices, mummy dust, wisps of incense, peach & sandalwood

Next is the British Isles and their celebration of Samhain, a festival that marks the end of harvest.  This scent gives you a smoky fire, towering oak trees, ripe orchard apples & sticky caramel

Their last stop is Mexico on El Dia de los Muertos, or "The Day of the Dead".  Bouquets and sugar skulls, or Calavera, are laid graveside as they pay their respects to family members who are no longer with them.  This scent has sweet candy sugar skulls and graveside bouquets of gardenia & azalea

The final fragrance in the collection is The Pumpkin Tree, a nod to the tree at Moundshroud's house with carved, lit pumpkins hanging from it.  This scent: lit pumpkins & spiced vanilla hanging on a moss covered tree & smoky sandalwood

I hope you enjoy these Halloween fragrances!





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