The Bennet Sisters Nail Polish Collection

bennet sisters jane austen nail polish parchment pride and prejudice

I spent a lot of time researching color symbolism for this nail polish collection and hopefully, that shows in the colors I've designed for the five sisters of Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen.  While there isn't much mention of colors in the book, I found inspiration from the movie adaptations as well as various articles I found online.  I knew I wanted a muted palette of Regency colors and I hope you agree that each color suits the five sisters.

Lizzie (Elizabeth Bennet) - In both the 2005 movie and the 1995 mini-series, the costume designers chose earthy colors for Lizzie.  Dinah Collin wrote, “I chose colours that had an earthiness to them — a lot of browns, for example..."

"In the opening scene, Elizabeth wears a dark brown dress, which reinforces her affinity with the earth and with her father, ..." (article by Kathleen Anderson)


Kitty - (Catherine) "Miss Kitty Bennet and Miss Lydia Bennet are both wearing chic red capes...Miss Kitty Bennet is wearing a matching red bonnet..." -

Jane - This artist rendering is what I used as the jumping off point for the muted dark green for Jane's color

Lydia - the youngest Bennet sister - Another one of Mathew LeFebvre designs.  Again, I took some liberties and designed a muted purple-gray for Lydia.

Mary - I found little on Mary (this sketch is for Elizabeth) but decided that a soft, pale color like the beige-pink I designed best represented her innocent, shy nature.  

There you have it.  The five colors that represent The Bennet Sisters.  Enjoy!

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