Intention Collection 2019

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"Intentions compressed into words enfold magical power." - Deepak Chopra

In January, I asked social media followers of Parchment Nail Polish to submit their Intention Word for 2019 along with the color they associate with it. 

My mission was to create a collection that not only offered exquisite, wearable colors but one that would serve as gentle reminders that living an intention-focused life is essential to healthy living and to encourage the vital ritual of self-care. I received numerous contributions (thank you!) and have chosen these eight stunning colors:

1.  Patience - sunflower yellow

2.  Relax - lilac purple

3.  Mindfulness - light gray

4.  Adventure - gray-blue

5.  Balance - nude

6.  Prosperity - soft, creamy pink

7.  Peace - pale coral

8.  Vitality - bright, peachy-pink

It makes my heart full to see others living with intention, being mindful and setting goals to live a more contented, purposeful life.  

I'm proud to offer this inaugural collection that I hope to add to each year with new words/colors.




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