INSPIRATION BEHIND: Wisteria & Sunshine

Fragrant Inspirations

Wisteria & Sunshine was inspired by The Enchanted April by Elizabeth von Arnim.  Published in 1922, it starts with Mrs. Wilkins seeing the following advertisement:

"To Those Who Appreciate Wistaria and Sunshine.  Small mediaeval Italian Castle on the shores of the Mediterranean to be Let furnished for the month of April.  Necessary servants remain. Z, Box 1000, The Times."

After much inner turmoil about whether to go, Mrs. Wilkins decides she must and is soon joined by Mrs. Arbuthnot, Lady Caroline and Mrs. Fisher.  These four very different women soon realize that despite their contrasting lives, they each are unhappy in their own way.  Much time is spent, humorously, complaining about petty differences and  misunderstood intentions.  Never believing they will ever be friends, they (mostly) go about their days trying to find their own solace.  Soon the castle, the scenery and the sea has a positive effect on them all.   In the end, of course, they mend their tender new friendships and each leaves with more appreciation for their lives than when they arrived.  The Enchanted April is a charming novel and perfect if you crave the feeling of warmth and sunshine.

In creating this perfume blend, I wanted to capture the feeling of a Spring day at an Italian castle on the Mediterranean.  The scent details in this story are remarkable with many flowers mentioned.  I chose to start with wisteria and blended with other notes to give you a fresh, light floral, a bit of citrus and the perfect base notes to give it depth.  

The nail color collection has 6 colors perfectly suited for Spring:  2 gorgeous purples, 2 pinks, a green and an ocean blue.

I hope you love this collection as much as I enjoyed creating it.





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